The FirstService Construction and Maintenance crew is doing an amazing job. Both men are not only capable and efficient, but they are client focused, kind and considerate…more than a couple of residents have expressed their appreciation for the improvement.

BeckyBoard Member, The Preserves in Orland Park

Since we had so much wind yesterday, there was a ton of branches all over the ground. As usual I went out to pick them up, this time with my walker. I was filling the compartment for carrying things with branches when one of the guys that was painting the house next door to me walked around the house and saw what I was doing. In just a few minutes he had scooped up most of the branches and put them by the tree where I usually put them for Acres to pick up when they are in the area. I finished picking up all the little stuff. I’d like to thank FirstService Construction and Maintenance for hiring good employees.

DaleResident at Towne Place West

I have worked with FSCM for over 10 years, and their knowledge, efficiency and price of projects has always been very good. They respond immediately to my questions, and have helped with several large painting, fence, concrete projects and day-to-day work orders. I would highly recommend them.

Kyla MercerSenior Property Manager